Roger Vaughn

Who is this Roger V?

A better question is what can I do for you?

  1. I can help you grow your business via online marketing and web based technology. This is a wide range from helping with traffic, capture leads or sales, customer support, etc.
  2. I’ve been in media my whole life, and can help produce videos as a time multiplier – in any type, from webinars to sales videos to SEO videos and more.
  3. I was raised without television and read incessantly, which later contributed to writing skills, though the only writing for hire I do is sales copy or video scripts as part of a larger project or consulting. That said, I like writing, and have a few books brewing.
  4. I was a trained artist, animator, and video producer while in high school and college, which led me to be intensely focused on User Interface and User Experience (UI / UX), so I can help you with this and study smart guys like Tufte.
  5. I can help you produce websites. High end $100k+ projects with tons of custom code, or simple brochure sites to build trust in your business, or anything in between.
  6. I can optimize nearly any business process. It’s just in my DNA, and I have deep knowledge of advanced data topics like scraping, data mining, algorithm development, and workflow automation.

For those looking for some mini-bio, here it is:

RogerV is CEO of SwiftCloud, a social cloud computing platform running applications like SwiftCRM, Swift Marketing, SwiftBooks and others. Roger’s first business exit was selling gum in 6th grade, selling the “dealership” and client base to some other kid for $5 after getting in trouble for disrupting class. Roger built a video production company at age 17 and sold it to competitor at 21, worked as a 3D animator for NBC, PBS, Microsoft and others while jumping in and out of college for Mass Communications / TV Journalism and fine art. In 1999 Roger built a small animation company (Toonshoppe) in a failed attempt to build a Pixar style entertainment company, then closed it (not sold, not bankrupted) in 2001. With a child on the way a friend got him into mortgage financing during the years where one just had to show up and collect money (almost..), which provided a crash course MBA on cash flow, financing, and fascinating financial topics like debentures and convertible debt. In 2005┬áRoger started Lendermate and iSignature, dot-coms related to real estate with modest success and a lot of lessons, his favorite of which is “humans are harder to change than software”, applicable to onboarding and the UI of SwiftCloud today. In 2007, while the mortgage industry burned (with a virtual shutoff in income in months), Roger divorced then also underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment for a very curable type of cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma, stage 2B), and was technically homeless (couch surfing) for about 6 weeks. He bounced back, starting the service side of Swift Web Designer and accumulating assets for a pivot from service to Software As A Service projects that became what SwiftCloud is today.


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