Roger Vaughn


Currently, I help business owners on the following…

  1. Execution of technology based plans and projects, ranging from “here’s a problem help me solve it” to websites (low end simple brochure sites all the way up to $100k+ complex software-as-service applications).
  2. Marketing. I can help you make it rain, actively creating demand for your product or service. Conceptually, it’s as simple as compelling offer + eyeballs of qualified buyers, but making that happen can easily land you in the weeds. We’ve worked with clients dropping 100,000 mailings a week, others generating 50+ leads per day, and clients bringing in revenue of $40k/week.
  3. Outsourcing. I have extensive experience managing teams based around the world i.e. India, Philippines.
  4. Leverage systems, video, scrapers and spiders, robotics and automation to help build a robotic sales machine for you.


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