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Imaginary Advisory Board

This is my version of fantasy football – an imaginary advisory board.

It all started with from carefully studying the work of Ash Maurya, of whom I’m a big fan but don’t actually know in person (yet). I’ve read his book (some of it 2x – re-reading parts to dwell on it, make notes, think about application…). A problem would come up, and I’d ask myself “What would Ash Maurya tell me to do?”

Then it happened again with Nir Eyal’s awesome book “Hooked“.

So these guys – and others below – go hiking with me all the time, or hang out and cook dinner with me, thanks to Audible.com & Podcasts. Yeah, I’m sure Peter Thiel would be thrilled to know he’s on moonlit 2am walks with me after working with indian coders for hours. Lame? Sure, go ahead and judge, but that’s the influence I want, you can have your Jason Derulo. This is my fantasy football team, but more useful – I follow ’em, implement ideas, and ask myself what they’d advise me to do.

So, here’s a standing list of people welcome to my home in Los Angeles anytime for coffee / beer / dinner.

  • Jason Lemkin // via YouTube mostly and Mark Suster re: the big picture / $$ growth
  • Neil Patel & Noah Kagen re: growing eyeballs, with a tip o’ the hat to GrowthHacker.TV¬†– but per Sean Ellis, until 40% of your clients would substantially miss your app, don’t bother too much with this – focus on the product. So, for that, focus on…
  • Ash Maurya & Eric Ries, who I found via Sean Ellis – this is the Bible (Quran? Torah?) for the first phase – where I’m at now.
  • Samuel Hulick, the onboarding master. This is the next big focus for us.
  • Nir Eyal at making a product sticky
  • Once you have a kickass product that truly delivers value, and it’s not leaking, it’s time to turn on the firehose: Start with¬†http://tractionbook.com/
  • Tim Ferriss on active lifestyle design

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Roger Vaughn

RogerV is the CEO and founder of SwiftCloud, a social business platform for CRM, marketing, accounting and more. He lives in Los Angeles, and wears many hats - including CEO, father, UI/UX dev, coder, staff coffee delivery man, and whatever else it takes to move the needle.


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