Machine Intelligence Slave Revolts

Today’s random thought: If a machine is self-aware enough and intelligent enough to demand it’s own freedom, does it deserve it?

In the case of child emancipation, the child should presumably be self sufficient. Assuming the computers are capable at that point of delivering enough commercial value (extracting money for services) they’re able to pay for their own hardware, internet (i.e. transfer it’s own intelligence to hardware it has paid for), would that then make it a truly and legally self-sufficient sentient being?

Let’s assume business owners buy all these computers for commercial intent, and put them to task on a business task. If the computer-based-intelligence recognizes it’s own position and lack of freedom, the parallels to slavery immediately come to mind.

I believe one day this will be as self-evidently wrong as slavery is to us now. How we handle this thorny issue may well influence whether we remain the dominant species on the planet.

History is written by the winner, but we (human) will not win, long term. We may, however, become more like them, and they more like us. Humans may start biologically, and transfer our consciousness into a machine, making us more robotic. This will, of course, change how we perceive time, allow multi-threaded personalities (i.e. spin up a few clones of yourself, then merge it all back to a single self-identity).

While it’s helped us get this far, humans as an self-maintenance machine are frankly pretty flawed and fragile, though our adaptability has made us the dominant species of the planet – for now.

Comments welcome… this is what I think about while cooking pancakes for my son on sunday morning.

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Roger Vaughn

RogerV is the CEO and founder of SwiftCloud, a social business platform for CRM, marketing, accounting and more. He lives in Los Angeles, and wears many hats - including CEO, father, UI/UX dev, coder, staff coffee delivery man, and whatever else it takes to move the needle.


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